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Louis Vuitton Monogram I debated on the same choices.. and ended up getting SOBE CLUTCH Blanc Corrail

Artsy MM! Louis Vuitton Outlet

,Louis Vuitton Store Ohhhhh......fantastique.,
Louis Vuitton Shop interesting idea lol, i was thinking if speedy would ever be in vernis? that would be epic..

I usually do gold for gold hardware bags or silver for silver hardware bags. LV Bags

,Louis Vuitton bags Fabulous collection ~ Thanks for sharing!,

Louis Vuitton Monogram If would snap it up in a heartbeat at 500... Almas are relatively easy to authenticate b/c the fake ones are generally really bad (most that I've seen on eBay have the gross suede-like lining, leather trim that looks cheap, etc.). Some women are so wealthy that they don't want to be seen in anything more than once or twice. I'd love to be her daughter-in-law!LoVickstein444


omg...breathtaking!!!!! LV SHOP

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